About Us


December 6, 1956 edition of The Delphi Citizen

Welcome!  The Delphi Citizen is a collection of original work from a family of hooligans, scientists, readers, writers, painters, photographers, geeks, musicians, chefs, fact-checkers, and other rabble-rousers.

This isn’t the first Delphi Citizen. In 1924, Myron and Eileen Johnson bought a weekly newspaper in tiny Delphi, Indiana and re-named it The Delphi Citizen. Myron wrote the copy and Eileen and their five children set the type until 1966. Nowadays, the descendants of Myron and Eileen live all over the globe and contribute to this rejuvenated, online Delphi Citizen.

Come on in. Open the cupboards and help yourself to whatever you’d like. We’ve got wine, barbecue, pie, politics, baseball, hockey, cocktails, bossa nova, jazz, indie rock, photography, watercolors, poetry, tall tales, true confessions, and mischief. But mostly wine and mischief.